DrinkMe Magazine: The Ultimate Guide To The Top Beer Joints In Washington, DC.

Every day is a long day in our Nation’s Capitol. Whether you’re trying to thwart your Congressman’s attempts to sabotage his career with inappropriate Tinder selfies, babysitting sassy teen duo Sasha and Malia Obama, or lobbying Congress against the evils of SeaWorld, this city can be a tiring place. So what does every good Washingtonian really need after an exhausting day of trying to teach their boss what Twitter is? The answer is: A nice, cold beer.

Buzzfeed: All the things Kanye thought when Amy Schumer fell on the red carpet

Yesterday’s Time 100 gala was full of stars. However, no star burned brighter and exploded harder than Amy Schumer. Schumer just so happened to walk the red carpet at the same time as America’s sweethearts, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Since galas are usually about as interesting as a high school band concert, Amy decided to spice it up by pretending to trip and fall on the red carpet. This provoked the most Kanye-face that Kanye has ever faced. But behind that defeated, Eeyore-esque expression, what was Kanye really thinking? Here are some theories on the pain hiding behind those eyes.

Buzzfeed: 6 Movies Men Don't Understand

By now, you’ve probably seen the Kyle Smith “Goodfellas” chaos raging through the Twitterverse. For those of you who like to do things like, read books or whatever, here’s the latest on what’s going down on the Twitters. New York Post writer Kyle Smith wrote an article claiming that women can’t understand the movie “Goodfellas.” Why? According to Kyle, the movie is all about guys “ball-busting” each other, and women simply don’t get it. Using Kyle’s patented moron logic, I give you… 6 Movies Men Don’t Understand!

Boston Business Journal: Staples Cabinet Makers gives wood a second chance

PLAINVILLE  One man's trash is another man's ... furniture? So say Stephen and Christine Staples, who can mold leftover wood from a long-dead steamship company into the perfect material for a table. The husband-and-wife team have been working with furniture for 34 years. Staples Cabinet Makers, a furniture-making company based in Plainville, specializes in eco-friendly furniture made with reclaimed wood that's been recycled from previous structures. Their business was around long before the so

Once Upon a Time in the West: Kindness

The other day, this student was put into in-school suspension for one offense or another. In suspension, he had to spend three days serving his time in a kindergarten classroom. At the end of the school day, I saw him run out of the school to be greeted with great enthusiasm from his usual posse, celebrating his triumphant return to the seventh grade. The boys gathered around to high five him, blast the latest songs on their iPods for him, and tell him about all the cutting-edge news of the seventh grade.