DrinkMe Magazine: The Ultimate Guide To The Top Beer Joints In Washington, DC.

Every day is a long day in our Nation’s Capitol. Whether you’re trying to thwart your Congressman’s attempts to sabotage his career with inappropriate Tinder selfies, babysitting sassy teen duo Sasha and Malia Obama, or lobbying Congress against the evils of SeaWorld, this city can be a tiring place. So what does every good Washingtonian really need after an exhausting day of trying to teach their boss what Twitter is? The answer is: A nice, cold beer.

Boston Business Journal: Staples Cabinet Makers gives wood a second chance

PLAINVILLE  One man's trash is another man's ... furniture? So say Stephen and Christine Staples, who can mold leftover wood from a long-dead steamship company into the perfect material for a table. The husband-and-wife team have been working with furniture for 34 years. Staples Cabinet Makers, a furniture-making company based in Plainville, specializes in eco-friendly furniture made with reclaimed wood that's been recycled from previous structures. Their business was around long before the so